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How Can I Apply

Send your CV

First send us your CV to following e-mail address before you planning the trip.


Harsha, program manager will go through the CV and keep in touch with you regarding the existing projects and other possible assignments which will give more benefits to both parties.

We will ensure you to give feedback within 48 Hrs upon the receipt of your CV.


VISA Application

Visitors from most countries require a visa to visit Sri Lanka. Requirements are subject to change and it's essential that volunteers inquire in their home country before planning their trip. Please seek advice from the Sri Lanka Embassy/High Commission in your country prior to arrange other formalities.

All volunteers should consult Harsha, Program manager for further details.

What Do I Need to Bring

On arrival at the Accommodation centre volunteers are required to show the Project Coordinator their Travel and Medical Insurance Certificate. Volunteers are not accepted if they do not have Travel and Medical Insurance that is in date to the end of their time at the project and in their name.


SN What do I need to bring What HH will Provide
01 Travel and Medical Insurance Certificate Free SIM cards on arrival to the accommodation center. If you need a mobile phone please ask Harsha.
02 Copies of your passport at least 2 Nos Free Dongles/Internet Connection
03 Guide book and a map of Sri Lanka. We will provide you the map of project locations
04 Your Laptop If you need a laptop please inform Harsha
05 Casual Clothes. Remember we have a great culture. Don’t use skimpy shorts, low cut tops or clothes that will offend the local culture  
06 Bring a Jacket. Can be very cool in some months  
07 Alarm clock, Pens/Pencils, Note Books  
08 Camera  
09 Shoes/Sandals/Boots/Sunglasses  

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