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Projects In Badulla


Badulla Sudarshi Blind & Deaf School

This is government shool for specialized students. There are 200 students from grade 01 to 10 in both gender. Program intends to improve skills of children by attracting volunteers who are specialized in teaching differently able pupils. This school is located within short bus travell from the accomodation center. Following are the major objectives of the programs;

Sanasuma Elders Home-Badulla

There is a need for groups of volunteers to arrange a working party every 2-4 weeks to help them by cleaning their home and washing their sheets. In the accommodation center, equipments are available for use for this task. The elders would also benefit from volunteers being prepared to play games, carom and cards with them. These have been provided at their home via a donation by project manager. Cleaning and washing may seem menial tasks, but showing these old men that someone cares enough to do this for them is a great gift to give them.

Teaching English / IT Sessions in Government run Schools

The aim of the Teaching English/ IT session is to help lay the foundations for a better future for each child by improving their English /T and other fundamental skills. These are formal sessions in government schools with the help of local teachers. This is a ongoing project other than the months of April / August / December. Schools are announced vacations during above three months.

Community Development Programs

The project has focused estate workers in Telbedde Estate for the community development activities. Following are the opportunities at the moment;

Adult spoken English Language and Literacy Class

These sessions are informal. There are number of families living near the accommodation center who want to improve their English knowledge skills. These sessions will be arranged in family homes with parents and older children who want to improve their language proficiency.

Early Childhood Development / Kindergarten Program

The aim of this project is to offer an opportunity for program participants to engage with early chidhood development / kindergarten activites and thereby help the kids and teachers. visiting early childhood development centers , teaching English lessons, music / dancing and various performance sessions, origami activities, communication sessions for teachers ...;etc are inclusive in this program.

Child Orphanage Program

The program is open only during April / August and December months only. The participants are required to visit child orphanage centers and hel kids with their studies, cleaning programs, cooking meals ...etc.

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