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Projects In Galle


Early Childhood Development / Kindergarten

The aim of this project is to offer an opportunity for program participants to engage with early chidhood development / kindergarten activites and thereby help the kids and teachers. visiting early childhood development centers , teaching English lessons, music / dancing and various performance sessions, origami activities, communication sessions for teachers ...;etc are inclusive in this program.

Sea Turtle Conservation Program

The participants are required to visit a turtle farm and enagae with various conservation activities.

Enviornmental Conservation / Green Diversity Program

The participants are required to visit a rain forest and observe the green diversity , enage with tree planting activity , visit birds watching safari, visit animal hospital and enagage with various activities, and sea turtle care , beach cleaning activities are included in this program. For more details please conact us

Child Orphanage Program

The program is open only during April / August and December months only. The participants are required to visit child orphanage centers and hel kids with their studies, cleaning programs, cooking meals ...etc.

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