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Projects In Wattala


Mental Health Observer-ship/ Internship Program in Sri Lanka

Our placements are not "one size fits all," but tailored to your experience and education level. If you have a passion for global mental health, and want to learn more about how cross-cultural factors impact mental health access and treatment, you're in the right place. By joining us, not only will you gain 40 + hours of practical experience and training, you'll also be completely immersed in the exciting, vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. Projects From psychiatric facilities to makeshift classrooms in temples, our projects are as diverse as the service users you will be working with, who are all of various ages, abilities and backgrounds. However, all projects have a similar focus - to promote positive mental health as much as possible by boosting confidence, self-esteem and improving key life skills. · Activity Support · Special Education Activity Support · Community Outreach · English for Development · Children's Development Our psychology programme has been set up to provide participants with the opportunity to gain a broad overview, understanding and insight into mental health care and needs within a different culture.

Buddhist Meditation Therapy Program

Relax and be inspired whilst absorbing the gentle philosophy of Buddhism. Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and charm makes this paradise island the ideal destination! You can't visit Sri Lanka without absorbing the gentle philosophy of Buddhism, which is prevalent in every day life and an important part of the local culture. After experiencing the meditation centre ourselves first-hand, we recommend this 1-week or 2-week course the Centre while on your placement .. you'll have a truly remarkable experience enjoying or discovering meditation. Many of the other people in the retreat may be there for anything between 2 weeks and 6 months. Your stay of 1 or 2 weeks will be relatively very brief. However, as a westerner with little or no experience of meditation previously, this will probably be long enough.

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