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Why Choose Us

Upgrade your CV/Bio Data and increase your Employability/Professionalism

Volunteering with Helping Hills gives you professional guidance and opportunity to upgrade your CV/Bio Data.

A recent survey results showed that 94% of university graduates believed that volunteering possibly, probably or definitely had a positive impact on their employability.

Academic research also supports this argument. Simpson (2005a) argues that the gap year "is now part of one's progression to employability, as necessary in the UK as 'A' Levels and as inevitable as a degree" – (p. 451). Furthermore, research published by the Chartered Management Institute and the international volunteer agency VSO states that "94 % of employers agreed or strongly agreed that volunteering abroad increases skills and 48% believed it increases employability." (Cook and Jackson 2006, p.3). Other research has also highlighted the way in which volunteering not only increases employability but also expands your networks, with Raymond (2007) arguing that volunteers "felt that the contacts they had made with local people and organizations during their experience could help them professionally in the future" (p. 128).


Enhance Professionalism

Internal volunteering offers you the opportunity to move out from your routine work and think about your ambition in your life; Abraham Maslow had defined this concept as SELF ACTULAIZATION. Alternatively you will have a great opportunity to explore new career opportunities.

Campus Explorer also points out that volunteering is a great opportunity for pre-college/university students who need some direction: "No idea what major you want to pursue? A gap year can allow you to find your academic focus before you start your degree program." - Campus Explorer, 2010.


Improve University Admission Opportunities

Universities look for candidates with life experience and international travel experience. They value students who have taken a year out but are increasingly demanding as to how you choose to use your time out. One research says that "there are good gap years and bad gap years, with young people expected to justify the manner in which they spend their time".

For example, Harvard University encourages students to defer enrolment for one year to "travel, pursue a special project or activity, work, or spend time in another meaningful way" (Harvard College Office of Admissions 2010).


Be a Champion....Make Success in Your Education Life

By taking time out to volunteer abroad, you will also increase your chances of success at college/university because you will be giving yourself the time to mature and focus your interests.


Improve Self-esteem and Life Satisfaction

By volunteering abroad you will have the opportunity to experience personal development, which can take the form of improved self-esteem, self-confidence and life satisfaction


Gain New Knowledge and Work Experience

Working in another country will provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and skills which you may not have been able to acquire at home country. The obvious example is learning a foreign language much faster than you could at home by immersing yourself into the language and culture. In addition, by volunteering in your field of interest you will have the opportunity to learn new ways to approach different problems, and you will gain valuable work experience in a new environment.


Learn about the Different Cultures/Geographic Conditions

Volunteering is very different to being a tourist because you will spend a significant amount of time in one place and you will be working on a daily basis with local people. This provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about different cultures, develop an understanding of the issues facing host communities and develop a sense of global citizenship.

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